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When people think of bed bugs and mosquitoes, they usually think of the blood-sucking ability that these insects have. This is why many people choose to stay away from areas that have high mosquito counts. However, it appears as though we may be overlooking a very important aspect of these pests. Bed bugs and mosquitoes do not feed on the blood of humans or other animals. While this may seem like bad news, it’s actually good news for those that are constantly plagued by the bite of a mosquito.more info here

How To Remove A BED BUGS VS MOSQUITOS On A Tight Budget

The bed bugs themselves don’t feed on human blood; however, their eggs do contain an insect toxin that will affect someone who ingests it. The way in which this happens is that a person who is bitten will experience an uncomfortable itching sensation before their body begins to break down. This can last anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours depending on the severity of the bite.

There are many theories as to why bed bugs have been increasing in the West. While some think that it’s due to an influx of travelers, others believe that it has to do with the current Western diet. Either way, one thing is clear, the battle between bed bugs and mosquitoes does not stand alone. As a result, it is recommended that everyone get out there and begin to search for ways to deal with these insects today.

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