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Coke addiction uk is an illegal drug that can be snorted, injected or smoked. The drug causes a rush of euphoria, confidence and well-being which can lead to addiction very quickly. The drug can also produce feelings of paranoia, aggression and restlessness. Whether used recreationally or for medical purposes cocaine is highly addictive and has many dangerous side effects.

Those using cocaine often have to sacrifice other aspects of their lives in order to continue taking the drug. This can include neglecting their family, work or education. They may also start stealing money in order to buy more drugs. Mood swings and a lack of care for appearance and hygiene can also be signs that they are using drugs. In some cases, users will begin to spend huge amounts of time searching for drugs and will be willing to commit crimes in order to get the money they need to purchase more cocaine.

The Reality of Cocaine Addiction: Seeking Solutions

While some people use cocaine recreationally and do not become addicted to it, this is not always the case. Anyone using cocaine must understand the insidious way it can develop into a serious problem, so they are aware of when they are becoming dependent on this substance and seek help before it is too late.

The government’s 10-year drug strategy, backed by PS3 billion of investment, is tackling the supply of illicit drugs and building world-class treatment services for those suffering from addiction. Private cocaine rehab typically costs between PS4,000 and PS13,500 for a 28-day program in the UK and includes individual counselling, group workshops and an introduction to various recovery techniques.

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