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If you’re looking to learn to drive and don’t want to be stuck with a manual car, Driving lessons automatic is an option. Many pupils prefer it to manual as it’s a bit easier and they can get to their destination a lot faster.

How do you slow down an automatic car?

During the first lesson your instructor will talk you through the various controls in the car and explain what they do and how to use them. You’ll also be taught the cockpit drill; a routine that involves setting the car up so that you can comfortably reach all the controls and that you have good all-round visibility. This will include checking the mirrors and making sure that all doors are shut before you drive off.

The next part of your lesson will be a short drive in a quiet area, perhaps a residential street or industrial estate. Your instructor will then discuss the lessons ahead and any questions you may have. At this point you’ll be given the opportunity to book your lessons for the future if you wish, and your instructor will go over any discounts they offer.

For most people learning to operate a clutch and shift gears is quite a stressful experience. Get it wrong and the car could stall, bunny hop across the road or even roll backwards! This can distract the driver from paying attention to traffic and hazards, so many new drivers find it easier to start with an automatic.

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