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fear of doctors

Fear of doctors is a common phobia. Some people develop it as a child. For others, it may be because they had an unpleasant experience at a doctor’s office. They may also have a fear of needles or blood. Others have a fear of being confined in a small examination room. Fear of doctors may also be a symptom of a panic attack.

 A Common Phobia

The fear of doctors is often triggered by traumatic experiences. People who develop this phobia often avoid the doctor, which can increase their anxiety when confronted with the situation. In the opening scenario, the patient was afraid of going to a hospital, despite the fact that the procedure was medically necessary.

Other common causes of fear of doctors include news reports or medical films. Some phobiacs have a negative mental image of doctors, and they may not even feel sick. Their blood pressure can be normal in their home, but clinically high at the doctor’s office. They may also fear going to the dentist, which can cause further anxiety.

People who suffer from high levels of anxiety should consider changing their doctor. Perhaps the practice or the doctor is the cause of their anxiety. This means researching and trying out other practices in the area. You can also talk to trusted family members to learn about their health care providers.

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