Quality Services To Look Out For When Choosing A Childcare Centre

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The Auburn centre is one of two high quality Child Care Centres in Auburn. The centres, which are located in Auburn, WA have a strong reputation and are renowned for their commitment to training and providing high quality care for our children. The centre’s focus is on providing the children with the best possible start in life through the creation of a strong community surrounding the centre’s premises. With this in mind, parents who choose the centre’s services can be assured of receiving the very best in their child’s care.

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Located in Auburn, the centre offers all of the services that a parent could ask for in a childcare centre. This includes: Early Curriculum Development (ECD), Special Education and Support, Home Visits for Children, Early Care Training and Support, Occupational Therapy and Discovery Activities. These all form the very foundation of the Child Care Centres of Auburn and they work hand-in-hand to provide the children with the very best in education and nurturing. The centre is committed to creating a learning community in which all staff are committed to each other and work as a team towards a goal.


The centre’s warm and friendly environment is a huge bonus for new parents and offers the chance for them to get to know the other children in the centre’s care. This creates a positive atmosphere of camaraderie between staff and clients and they are able to receive support from those around them. In short, the Auburn Child Care Centre is a fantastic place for parents to choose for their children. With the high standards of training, education and care that the centres offer, parents can rest assured that their children will receive the very best. For further information on the centres, including hours, contact details, and websites, you can contact them directly online or visit the centre’s website.

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