Recalled Philips CPAP Machine Recall

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Recalled Philips CPAP Machine

If you’re concerned about the safety of your CPAP machine, you may be wondering if your unit is among those affected by the Recalled philips cpap class action lawsuit. You’re not alone – millions of CPAP machines have been recalled by the company. This latest recall concerns all Philips CPAP machines, including the popular DreamStation line. The CPAP machine recall affects all serial numbers in this particular line and covers machines manufactured between 2009 and 2021. In addition to the DreamStation line, Philips also recalled Trilogy Evo ventilators, repair kits, and a few other devices.

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Although the CPAP machine recall is a relatively minor issue compared to the potential cost of a class action lawsuit, it is still significant. The company may face huge liability from the lawsuits filed by consumers and the resulting settlements. While Philips has already taken a provision of $295 million to cover recall costs, many experts believe this sum covers just a fraction of the potential damage. For now, however, the company’s efforts are far from adequate.

The CPAP Machine recall was issued in 2021 after thousands of people complained of problems with the device. Thousands of users had contacted Philips with complaints of foam breaking down. By September 2021, 93 proposed class action lawsuits filed against the company have been filed. Among the claims filed by customers are multiple damages, injunctive relief, breach of warranty, and fraud and negligence. Furthermore, the lawsuits also cite numerous claims of product liability.

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