Top Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022

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Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022

The list of Top Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022 is a big one. These companies are expected to be around for at least the next decade, with the first wave of growth happening in the next decade. The list is by no means complete, however, and we’ve included a few companies we think you should be watching. Reza Satchu says It’s always good to see the future, so here are five tech companies you should pay attention to in the coming years.

The Best Way To Top Tech Companies To Watch For In 2022

JFrog. This software company is one of the biggest players in the field of digital marketing. It has 425,000 customers, has strong recurring revenue, and has begun to make a big push into cloud-based business. It also has a mid-double-digit growth trajectory for cloud-based services. And it has a growing pipeline of products. With its growing automotive business, Qualcomm is poised to become a billion-dollar company.

VRdirect. This startup has a slew of interesting products and is building a large direct sales force. It has boosted its sales and marketing spend to $24.3 million in the latest quarter, and has plans to increase its headcount in order to grow its automotive business. With that in mind, VRdirect is a promising stock to watch in 2022. It has a price target of $45 per share, which would translate into a 52% return over the next year.

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