Benefits of a Heat Blanket For PVC

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pvc heating blanket

If you want to warm PVC trim, inlays, and curved shapes without damaging them, you can buy a heat blanket for pvc to meet your needs. These blankets are specially designed with evenly spaced wires and silicone rubber material for even heating. When used correctly, they can extend the lifespan of your PVC and prevent the blanket from overheating. Here are some benefits of this versatile heating blanket. Listed below are some of the main features.

Here Are Some Benefits Of This Versatile Heating Blanket

– PVC conduit. You can bend PVC conduit with the help of a heating blanket. For longer sections, you can use a rag to make the bends. To prevent kinking, make sure to heat the conduit to the correct temperature and then cool it with water or a rag. You can also use plywood or another piece of plywood to set the bends in PVC. Once the PVC has been sufficiently heated, you can bend it into the desired shape by using a rag or a jig made from plywood.

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