Heavy Duty Swivel Castors

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heavy duty swivel castors

Heavy duty swivel castors  castors are especially robust and sturdy, they are used to move loads with very large weights. They are primarily used in applications such as industrial trucks, assembly and transport systems or indoor and outdoor installations.

They are also characterized by higher speeds than light duty swivel castors.

For applications involving high load capacities, Blickle offers a wide range of heavy duty castors, which are particularly stable in design and boast robust bearings. They have ergonomic handling, long service life and excellent floor preservation.

The swivel wheels of heavy duty castors can be made of iron core, polyurethane, cast iron, or aluminum core, depending on their specific application. The wheel material affects the weight capacity of the caster.

Swivel with Ease: The Advantages of Heavy Duty Swivel Castors for Industrial Use”


It is important to choose a caster that has the correct load to caster ratio. This is done by dividing the total load by the number of casters.

You may also want to consider a caster that has a foot operated brake. These brakes allow you to quickly engage and disengage the casters.

These are great casters for heavy use on your workbench or office chair. They are made from a clear polyurethane which is strong and durable but gentle on your flooring. It is also easy to clean and will not scratch or mark your floors.

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