Innokin Avant ZLIDE Kit Review

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The innokin adept ZLIDE Kit is a great new product for vapers that are looking to upgrade their existing heating system. If you want the ultimate in temperature control then you should look into getting an Innokin Avant ZLIDE Kit. The best way to describe it is a hybrid between a vapour Diffuser and a battery.

Power and Temperature Control Equals a Great Vapor Experience

Innokin’s Avant kit has the functionality of both a vapor diffuser and a battery but with a much longer range than either of these. This means that if you are outside smoking around your friends you wont be interrupted by their cigarettes or e-liquid. However, if you’re inside your house or in your bedroom this unit won’t be able to provide you with the perfect e-liquid hit that you would require. With a battery like this you can simply leave the Avant ZLIDE connected to your computer and turn it on whenever you need it.

I’ve found that the majority of users complain about the batteries life of the Innokin Avant ZLIDE Kit. This is primarily due to the higher resistance coils that they use. The coil is actually capable of providing over 2021 watts of power, which is a lot. However the coil is only rated at around 400 wattage because this unit is constructed differently to most other vaporizers out on the market at this time. If you want to really get a powerful hit from your E-liquid then you should definitely consider using a high resistance coil, such as the Innokin Avant ZLIDE.

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