Log House Cork – A New Way to Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Home

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Log house cork is a new way to add warmth and residential log cabins for sale uk to your home while supporting sustainable living. The natural material is made from the bark of an oak tree and has warming and insulating properties. It also helps regulate humidity in the log cabin building, which supports a healthy living environment. This includes optimal conditions for allergy sufferers. The wood that LeonWood uses for their solid log houses comes from healthy European forests that are well managed. This helps reduce CO2 emissions and protects wildlife habitats.

Who lives in log cabin?

The insulating effect of the logs makes a log cabin significantly more energy efficient than conventional stick framed homes. This is due to their high thermal mass, which absorbs and holds heat very effectively. Logs also have low thermal conductivity, so they transfer less heat than other types of construction.

A new innovation in log home flooring is waterproof click-together cork. It replaces the HDF layer that stiffens floating floor planks and enables their click-and-lock fastening. It’s a favorite of people with allergies and chemical sensitivities because it’s free from formaldehyde and PVC.

Cork flooring can last 40 years or more if it’s properly cared for. A regular cleaning routine should include vacuuming, damp mopping and occasional sanding to remove dirt from the surface. Most types of cork should be recoated with water-based polyurethane every 3 to 10 years. Some can be refinished in-home, but others require the services of a professional.

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