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Our passionated IGCSE computer studies tutor is a professional, experienced teaching expert who has helped students pass their exams. Your tutor will provide you with personalised feedback and support to ensure that you learn the course and reach your exam targets.

Is IGCSE computer science hard?

Computer science is an important subject that helps prepare students for future careers in technology and other fields that rely on computing. It requires a strong grasp of the principles of computer programming, software development, and computational thinking. A good computer science tutor will help you master these skills, as well as help you understand how computers work and how to solve complex problems.

The Profs offers a range of private tutors with experience in the study of computer science. Whether you are looking for a specialised IGCSE computer studies tutor or simply need a general tutor to help with your GCSE computer science, our network of highly-rated tutors is here to assist. We can match you with the best tutor to meet your needs, including a qualified computer science teacher, a digital native, or someone with other qualifications and experience.

Our IGCSE computer science courses cover the key topics in the syllabus, including algorithms, data structures, and computer systems. They encourage students to appreciate the impact of current and emerging technologies, as well as recognise the benefits and risks of using these in daily life. These skills are essential to progressing to Cambridge International AS and A Levels, as well as for many career paths.

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