The Best Panini Press With Removable Plates

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best panini press with removable plates

There are a lot of choices when it comes to best panini press with removable plates that double as grills for sandwiches, and grilled cheese, and more, to smaller versions that are compact enough to slip inside your toaster. You’ll also find options that offer different cooking plate designs, whether smooth or grooved (or a combination of both), as well as adjustable temperature control. But how do you choose? We looked at how each machine worked, measured it, and sought out tips from experts including a former PEOPLE reporter and the head chef of Ggiata Delicatessen. We then rounded up the best panini presses for your kitchen.

A winner in our recent panini press test, this model offers a nonstick top and bottom plate that’s dishwasher-safe, a digital display for precise temperatures, and a sloped design that drains grease into the removable drip tray. The handle enables you to adjust the amount of pressure applied to your sandwich, and the griddle ridges leave that classic panini look with grill marks.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Panini Press with Removable Plates

Unlike many other presses, this one allows you to cook two paninis at once. It’s also lightweight, compact, and easy to store and use. It takes only six minutes to warm up, and its lid locks so you can ensure your sandwich is pressed down and cooked evenly.

If you’re a small space dweller with limited storage, this simple and affordable model could be the perfect choice for you. It’s intuitive to use, quick to heat, and doesn’t have any bells and whistles—but it does an excellent job of pressing and grilling sandwiches and toasting.

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