The Facts About Crawl Space Encapsulation That Works

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The Encapsulation that Works concept aims to help homeowners understand the problems that they themselves and their tenants are experiencing with leaking roofs, damp walls and other issues. In this article we will discuss the steps required in the process of encapsulation. It is a simple concept to understand but it is not something most people would usually take the time to explain when looking for professional advice or simply ask their own questions. This article is meant to explain how encapsulation works and what you can gain from it if you decide to install it on your own.

The Process Of Encapsulation

A crawlspace is an unfinished, unventilated, narrow room inside an industrial building, usually between the second floor and the ground. The term ‘crawl space’ is also used to describe any unenclosed space that has no insulation and no provision for water heaters or other means of heating the air in the area. The reason for this is that water takes up less space than air and therefore more volume and more energy.

Water encapsulation works by creating a physical barrier that cuts off the water from the walls, floors and ceiling of the crawlspace, leaving it cold and dry. To make this happen, a watertight seal is created by using a spray coating of highly effective resins known as P.R.E.S.P (passive reactive coating system). This guarantees that the water cannot pass through the encapsulation. If a professional job is carried out, the encapsulation will leave a much healthier surface than it started out with and there should be no visible signs of the watery damage. This type of work should be left to qualified professionals who have the proper equipment to ensure the job is done correctly.

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