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Whether you’re looking to revamp your workout wardrobe or are just starting out, a well-curated selection of tops can make all the difference. Choose a style that fits your body type, feels comfortable and wicks sweat away so you can stay dry.

Is it OK to wear the same gym clothes everyday?

If you’re shopping for a new gym wardrobe or looking to replace an old one, consider a brand that is known for delivering performance and style without breaking the bank. Alo, for example, has an extensive range of womens workout shirts that fit like a dream and feature the latest tech fabrics like Airlift. You’ll find a wide variety of styles in the line, from fitted crop tops to sleek long-sleeve performance tees.

Nordstrom’s Zella

Founded by women, Zella is known for its technical, high-performance, and sustainable designs. The brand makes activewear for a range of activities, from yoga to hot yoga to Pilates to running and hiking. They also have an impressive collection of leggings, shorts, and jackets, so you can build a stylish workout look that doesn’t break the bank.

Adidas’ Stella McCartney Collection

Those who love a sleek, minimalist look will appreciate the line from Stella McCartney for adidas. Their collection has everything from sports bras to leggings, so there’s something for everyone.

Vuori’s Lux Performance Tank

The Vuori luxe tank is a versatile addition to any workout wardrobe, whether it’s for running or HIIT, as its soft and breathable fabrics will keep you feeling cool and comfortable. It also has a racer back and slim fit that moves with you, so it’s perfect for all your training needs.

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