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You can apply online for a liquor permit on A liquor permit is a government authorization that allows you to purchase alcoholic beverages, transpose wine, carry, and consume it within the state of Maharashtra. It is also necessary if you are planning to carry out business in Maharashtra. In addition, you need a liquor token to transpose wine. Click Here –

Why Need to Apply For a Liquor Permit on

To access the online application, you need to have a valid e-token. You will have to enter your User ID, password, and the Captcha code. Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be directed to the user dashboard. Click on Sub Departments and State Excise Department to narrow down the options available to you. Once you’ve chosen the department you want to apply for, you can view your options. You can also apply for a Country Liquor X-C license.

To apply for a liquor permit, you need to know the details of the type of liquor you’re planning to buy. The portal lets you search for the type of liquor you want to buy. It allows you to search by the type of liquor you want to purchase. You can find the information you need by following these steps. Alternatively, you can visit the Mahaexcise office in person and apply for a permit in person. It is located in the Old Customs House, which is also the district collector’s office.

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